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“It seems ridiculous to me when people take business too seriously. I regard making money as a boring errand to be got out of the way as soon as possible.”

Paul Graham

Here’s another from him on money:

“Another thing we tell founders is not to worry too much about the business model, at least at first. Not because making money is unimportant, but because it’s so much easier than building something great.”

“The spirit is really the bouquet of life. It is not something breathed into life, it comes out of life.”

Joseph Campbell

“Religion is a defense against religious experience.”

Carl Jung, via Joey Cambs

“Don’t worry about making it. Worry about being good.”

Noel Gallagher

“The journey is known. It’s just a matter of whether or not you’ll have the courage to walk it.”

Joseph Campbell, via this podcast

“I would have given anything to die in a war that meaningful”

Kurt Vonnegut, Hocus Pocus

Who Have I Blessed More Than You?

I thought some wrongness in my self had made me that alone.

And God said, You are worth more to me
than one hundred sparrows.
And when I read that, I wept.
And God said, Whom have I blessed more than I have blessed you?

And I looked at the mini bar
and the bad abstract hotel art on the wall
and the dark TV set watching like a deacon.

And God said, Survive. And carry my perfume among the perishing.

Tony Hoagland

This comes from a poem called Bible Study. I’m not as ostensibly churchy as I used to be, but you don’t have to be for this one to hit you right between the lungs.

“Are there groups of scruffy but sophisticated users like the early microcomputer “hobbyists” that are currently being ignored by the big players?”

Paul Graham

This inspires me.

I’m a lazy turd. You can hear me whine about it here. But I’ve stumbled into a way to motivate myself to do the stuff I don’t want to do in life and in business.

  1. Treat your future self like he/she is a completely different person than you.
  2. Care for that person.
  3. Set things up today so he/she has the best possible chance of succeeding tomorrow. (i.e., fold your fucking T shirt!)

William Goldman’s Benediction for Creatives

And to all that [young film school] talent let me say, where the hell have you been and I wish you joy…

… and may you ignore the critics when they attack you, and pay no attention to their praise…

… and may you please remember when your scenes are sludge, that screenplays are structure…

… and may you have peers as willing to improve your project as you must be; treat them kindly, for they will save your ass many times over…

… and may you always remember “it’s only a movie” but never forget there are lots of worse things than movies—like politicians…

… and may you be lucky enough and skilled enough to make some glorious moments for all those people out there sitting in the dark, as earlier craftsmen created such moments for you…

… and finally and most of all, may all your scars be little ones.

William Goldman

“I decided a while ago that I would only do things that were really important or really fun.”

Lawrence Wright

This was a really great interview. He came from evangelicalism, expanded outside of it but continued to explore stories of faith from Al Qaeda to ISIS to Scientology. (Wright wrote the book which that great scientology documentary was based on.)

“You’re gonna make it if you’re special. And if you’re special, generally speaking, rules don’t apply.”

Craig Mazin

Hayao Miyazaki on His Life’s Work

Hayao Miyazahi on His Life’s Work

All that work you’re doing on your company, your reputation, your skills, maybe it all comes to a moment like this.

You’re 72, you just finished a project that took you two and a half years of constant, steady work, you’re on the garden roof of a building your company designed, where you’ve spent the majority of your life for the past 20 years, and you can sense how pointless it is to imagine it all somehow staying together.

“It’s just a name” you say with equal parts broken-heart and indifferent wisdom.

And then you get distracted by a perfect moment of sunlight and leaves.

This was from a documentary on Studio Ghibli called The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness. If you’ve loved movies like Totoro and Spirited Away, you’ll love this film.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been struck so hard by what it would look like at the end of life to have lived the way I dream of living now… and still being as full of dissatisfaction, sorrow, creativity and friendship.

I said this to my friend who was stressing over having kids or not: “In the end everybody loses. It’s not like some people win and others lose. Everyone loses. Nobody wins in the end. This being so, what kind of adventure do you want to have? For myself (and I didn’t know this at the time), my son is the best adventure I can have. Nothing else in my life is as dangerous or joyful or exhausting, nothing else — no movie, company or creation — elicits the depth of feeling from within me that my sons have.”

The kid stuff is my story. Regardless of where you land on that, the first bit is true: you’re going to lose in the end and you won’t be able to take anything with you. You could build the best goddam company and bring more magic to people than any of your contemporaries… and you’ll still stand somewhere at the end recognizing that whether it persists or falls apart won’t be up to you. And then the wind will brush your hair and face and you’ll get distracted by something beautiful regardless.

This being so, what kind of adventure do you want to have?