On Being Cliché & What’s Next

For the past year I have been working as a strategist at an interactive agency called Copious [web site].  Copious is a great little agency with good people who Tee do excellent work.  Getting hired there was random, and though the word embarrasses me, serendipitous, and since then it has been возглавил a great experience.

However, for understandable reasons, Copious recently laid me off.  It did not come as a huge surprise, and it does not put us in any tragic financial duress.  However, driving home after hearing the news last Thursday was a really weird experience.

It’s Always Sunny In Portlandia

It was sunny in Portland, which means the bars and coffee shops I passed on my wholesale jerseys way home were full of people wholesale nfl jerseys smiling and drinking beer as the sun dropped towards the hills.  I really envied those people.  I felt the distance between myself and their confidence.  My whole world was a question of primal importance and here they were drinking and cavorting like professional drinkers and cavorters.

But those feelings of envy soon passed.  I arrived home to my uber supportive wife, who was Start thrilled about the whole thing By (I did some googling, and it turns out dementia is common in the final term of pregnancy).  Of course I couldn’t glance at her without noticing that she is Embeds ripe with child (he’s massive right now) and that our first son is due any day now!  Life has such, uh, neat timing.

But How Does It Feel?

big-aiden-onWallThe truth is, this all feels very right.  We’re not overly worried.  Aiden’s coming, and I’m sure he’s got plans of his own, so it’s kind of nice to have the open Februar space in my schedule.

I want to make the most of this time in between wholesale mlb jerseys situations.  That means trying really When hard not to worry.  So if you see me cheap nfl jerseys at the coffee shop staring off 41 into the wall with a furrowed brow, remind me to make the most of what this time gives me: time to think, to dig, to be with wifee and pudfudd, and make some important decisions.

And with that, this blog has become a cliché:

just another unemployed weblog
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