How to change Chrome’s default search engine to results from the past year

Here's how: 

1: search google for something simple

2: Click "show options…" on the sidebar there on the Google results page.

3: Select the option that you'd like to be your new default search (in this case i chose the "Past Year" option to only show results from the past year… cuz i've just had enough forum results from 2006 when i search for "Why the f*ck is IE so dumb!?" 

4: Copy the URL of the new filtered results page, then right click the address bar and select "Edit Search Engines…"

5: in the search engines window, click the "+" bottom left, then fill in the details:

6: Select the new search engine you just created, and click "Make Default"… viola!! You're the best around!

If you’re not on the list   I can’t help you.   Help me help you!

This worked perfectly. I knew you were good for something…

well done. very usefull. ths.

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