One Of My Favorite Focus Albums

I’m kind of a particular guy when it comes to what I listen to when I’m working. Sometimes it’s the party time music, other times it’s something heavy and sludgey like Isis’ new album, but most often it’s something I can lose myself in… an atmospheric and mellow kind of thing.

Well, here’s one of my very favorite albums for that: Jóhann Jóhannsson’s IBM 1401, A User’s Manual. It’s mellow, it’s extremely beautiful, it’s open and atmospheric… it’s great. Below is the only track I could find at Grooveshark to share with you.

If you’re not on the list   I can’t help you.   Help me help you!

Pretty cool stuff. My favorite music for that type of stuff is anything by American Dollar (LOVE their stuff for chill, mellow kinds of stuff).

Also – anything by Zoë Keating is AMAZING. I hope you’re familiar with her stuff…bay area cello artist.

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