WTF Marc Maron!? Do It!

I’ve been basically “following” Marc Maron for several months now. He’s got a podcast called WTF which is great. He’s “ironically self aware.” He’s basically classically trained in therapy lingo through his experiences in rehab, and he’s been in comedy for a while… and both those things combine to make some great insights.

As an example, check out this quick vid, which is just full of brilliance:


You don’t know this about me cuz I haven’t told anyone, but I kinda want to conquer some of my biggest fears by doing a few standup open mic nights. You know I have a sense of humor, but that doesn’t mean i’m funny. You know I’m good with people, but i’m scared to death of trying to put together good shit to say on stage… that’s also funny.

But I think comedians have the biggest platform for making any decent change in the world. Seriously, like, more than politicians, or writers, or musicians, I think comedy is the best way to help people understand how to live well. That’s for another time.

For now, enjoy Marc Maron. Subscribe to the podcast. He interviews loads of comedians and you glimpse what life looks like in that circle…

If you’re not on the list   I can’t help you.   Help me help you!

[…] there’s an awesome New York Times Marc Maron write-up. Enjoy!PS, I’ve written about Marc Maron before. And here’s a vid that gives you a little flavor of Marc’s standup: Share on […]

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