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The work I'll do the rest of my life…

“Where do our own real thoughts come from? How can we access them? From what source does our true, authentic self speak?

Answering that is the work you and I will do for the rest of our lives.”

Stephen Pressfield in Do The Work

Stephen Pressfield on conception, chaos, blood, pain…

“Conception occurs at the primal level. I’m not being facetious when I stress, throughout this book, that it is better to be primitive than to be sophisticated, and better to be stupid than to be smart.

The most highly cultured mother gives birth sweating and dislocated and cursing like a sailor. That’s the place we inhabit as artists and innovators. It’s the place we must become comfortable with.

The hospital room may be spotless and sterile, but birth itself will always take place amid chaos, pain, and blood.”

Stephen Pressfield in Do The Work

When I Get Sad, I Get Awesome

My friend sent me this picture of Neil Patrick Harris being classy, and I loved it so much I had to spend a little time on the typography. Not that I’m an expert – I’m just enthusiastic.

So below is a version of it with a bit more elbow grease in the font department. I think it fits well. (more…)

On boat shoes…

“Top Siders are my way of saying, ‘I come from a good family *AND* I like to party.'” Yours Truly

There's only two kinds of people in the world

There’s only two kinds of people in the world, people who are fired up by “this” and people who are fired up by “that.” Examples below.

Whatever it takes, if it’s dying your hair (soul?) black and off-tuning “powerlo—-aaad!” or going “meow meow meow smile smile colors COKE!”, do what you’ve got to do to get fired up! (more…)

Stephen Pressfield on choosing new projects

“I always want to do something that number one I love – that just seizes me, rather than try to second-guess the marketplace…
…I’m definitely a believer that you have to be as fearless as you can be. Usually the projects that work out best for me are the ones that I think to myself no one in the world is going to be interested in this except me. I’m starting a new one now, which I’m not going to tell you about, but I have that exact feeling, that I must be crazy to do this because no one will care about it but me. But I’m interested in it and so I’m doing it.” St. Ephan Pressfield

Stephen Pressfield on creating and the dark side

“And it almost gets to a spiritual level, where it’s just part of the human condition. Simply put, there are dark forces in religions and views of the world that stop us from ascending to higher levels and stops the higher level from communicating with us. The ancient rabbis and monks and Zen masters recognized that as just a part of life. In America, we’re in this “Go, go, go”power positive thinking society, that we think there’s no such thing as evil or that we can overcome it by the proper social program or going to the right school, etc. But George Lucas was right: The dark force is there. And we have to fight it in ourselves everyday. It’s always there, just like gravity, and it’s always keeping us from being able to fly. Resistance is the same.” Stephen Pressfield

The Cinematic Orchestra – You Should Know

You should know of a band called The Cinematic Orchestra. It’s like this:

You know those guys who seemed really cool to you 10 years back in that scene you were in? You know, like, that hardcore scene with all those bands you were a n00b in? Or that hip-hop thing you were into, or whatever?