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I worship the old gods…

Excellent Party Hosting Tips

I’ve written before about the perfect list of party booze. Now I want to share some quick tips about hosting your lil’ party. These are all lessons I’ve learned — hope they give you some ideas about how to make your next party a little easier to host.

NB: I’m not talking about your college house party — I’m talking about your “i’m a little older now but I still want to have fun and a I don’t want to be all crazy hungover in the morning but I do want to feel like my life is not boring — i’m not boring, right?” party. (more…)

Another cutting floor snippet

“I keep staring at the pile of my pants next to my Ikea chair… they look like my life right now: sturdy Levi’s, not yet completely broken in, cheap brown belt that’s put in way more time than it should have… the whole thing at the same time awkward and graceful, leaning and bundled and thrown and drifted down into something comfortable looking. Zipper splayed open, pockets full of technology and loose change and receipts I hope my wife doesn’t find… These pants represent me, they’re the introduction. They’re not broken in yet… like me: a young guy, newly whispered into the right way to do this dad and husband thing. They’re blue, like me… you know, deep and shit.”

I wrote this while a little heady off some Fernet… Thought it needed to live somewhere – so, here it is.

As with the previous snippet, this one’s from an upcoming book-ish thing I’m putting together.

Conan’s last words… Not sure if I already posted this… not sure. But it’s so great… so great.

Louis C.K. on Leno and horseshit

“His [Leno’s] humor was so pedestrian and basic back then, but it was undeniably great, and I learned to respect that from him. It doesn’t matter what your subject is, you don’t have to be edgy in your subject matter. That’s just superficial horseshit, that you want to be talking about things nobody else does. If you have a strong point of view about something, choose that to talk about.” Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. on compelling, inspiring and fun

AVC: Has performing stand-up gotten easier for you over the years?

LCK: Well, no, because I haven’t let it become easier, I try to keep it challenging. It’s easier if you cull from all your greatest hits and just do them. That’s easy, but it’s also probably suicide. [Laughs.] It’s harder now than it was earlier, but it’s way more compelling and inspiring and fun. It’s worth the traveling and everything now. I got really burnt out on travel, but not anymore. Because I don’t really care—unless I’m on some stupid train to Buffalo or somewhere, I’m not thinking of comfort. I’m poring over notes, listening to some old tapes, and being sure I make use of that show, because I start every year with a target date for that special, and it’s always a little too soon, so I’m always in the theater. So it’s harder, and I’m always trying to cull together material that I don’t really know well. If it works out, at the end of the year, I’ve got a completely honed, perfect sweet set. I know right where the sweet chunks are. I know right where the heavy artillery is, and I’ve got a reliably great hour. And I do it in front of a polished, perfect crowd and get it on tape. And that’s easy and fun and great, but it takes a year to get there. And when the special is done, I’m back to nothing, literally no material, not even a single joke I can tell onstage. So that keeps the cycle.

Louis C.K.

WordPress Lost Categories on Import

I ran into problems when I was moving hosts from Dreamhost to Page.ly1 (my vendor of choice).

I exported my content from wordpress (on dreamhost) using wordpress’ built in export feature.

I imported my content to WordPress (on using wordpress’ built in import feature. (more…)

WordPress Plugins I Use

In answer to a question I received about the plugins I use on my WordPress sites… Ask questions in comments and I’ll answer what I can. (more…)

Go Read This: Megan Amran on passion & cool

“We are coming of age in a culture not of un-enjoyment, but of anti-enjoyment. Passion is not just superfluous – passion is weakness. If you like things, you might like the wrong things, and then you’re WRONG with a capital “DOUBLE-U” with a capital “D”, and then you’re BAD and ugly and FAT and SUPER FAT. The Internet can’t figure out whether it wants to beatify things or damn them, so it just gets all sorts of contentious. Contention on the Internet is silly in the worst sense of the word. […] If the Internet is a super highway, we all have road rage.” Megan Amram

Great Advice

What you need for a party: a list of liquor requirements

A buddy of mine is throwing a party and he emailed me about what kind of booze he should get and how much. It was surprising to me how many ideas come flowing from inside me, like some deep spiritual well of wisdom.

I come from a good family, who knows how to throw a party (i.e., if mom’s not on the table one-leg-fluting it to Jethro Tull, the party hasn’t started yet). I’m grateful for the blood-deep education I have on giving people a good time at a party. And in the spirit of “all good truths are free” I thought I’d share some of this deep wisdom. Please comment with any ideas of your own! (more…)

Louis CK on George Carlin

Wow, some great stuff in here.

It took me 15 years to build this shitty hour — if I throw it away I’ll have nothing.”