An christmas songs for to harken by!

An christmas songs for to harken by!

I’ve done some research and, according to my calculations, it appears christmas is upon us. Shit, get the napkins out!

Now, can I be candid for a second? Christmas used to mean a lot of things to my wife and I. We used to play on Jesus’ team full-time. Nowadays we mostly just root for him, so Christmas means things different than the things it used to mean.

Christmas is about the cold in my lungs, scraping light ice off the windshield, excuses to visit Mellisa’s family in the frozen north, 18 of us rolled into a comfy mobile home in the quiet snow of rural northern BC, my mom’s toffee (and my wife’s alterations of it), a knit sweater and strong cocktails with friends, trying to make a good hot apple cider and giving up, opting instead for another vodka…

Christmas comes on the front 2/3rds of winter, which invariably means I’ve started gaining weight and I’m feeling a little unsure about my career, skills and life-direction. Regardless, those three to four weeks leading up to christmas are great. I get these pangs of “oh yea, that’s coming up and we’ll be in Canada or San Francisco searching for honest connection with family and oh shit I need to get great gifts for people!”

I’m not sure if your weeks leading up to Christmas are going great; I hope you’re having a blast, laughing in the face of your plans and projections and remembering that the worst case scenario is that the bank takes your home and you get better at making forts with someone you love. I hope you remember that.

So, in the spirit of it all I wanted to show you something I made. It’s music. My wife (who’s a lovely singer and pianist) made these songs with me. It’s a collection of 5 songs we put together for Christmas 5 years ago. I still like them!

The songs

O’ Holy Night: Remember that one Imogen Heap song with the vocoder that blew all our minds? That’s what we were going for here. There’s a couple great parts, though the recording’s a little flat. I never know how to end a song.

Questions of the Older Brother: I listened to a lot of Sufjan Stevens during this time of my life. Yes, that’s tupperware and pans you’re hearing.

Snow Day: This is a little instrumental number I put together. Acoustic guitar. I can’t play shit like this without pretending I was in Crosby, Stills & Nash or America.

Waltons: I met my wife in Ireland. She didn’t have a piano there, so she’d go to a music store whenever she could. She wrote this song at the music store. The store was called Walton’s.

What Have You Done With Me?: I always liked this song. Wrote it in Ireland. It’s a weird song for me, unlike other stuff I’ve written. Again with the not knowing how to end a song.

Bonus song: Lil’ Drummer Boy: This wasn’t on the original album, but it’s something we put together with a cute young man called CJ Eckman. It’s hilarious. And good.

Ok, there’s only one “Christmas song” in the bunch. This is our Christmas album regardless. I’m sure you could do with a little less bing crosby in your life right about now anyways. Hope your next couple of weeks get a little magic.

If you’d like to listen to more music we’ve made check out

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