Play for the Long Haul Smile Inside™

Play for the Long Haul Smile Inside™

Here’s a desktop background and little postcard for my friends…

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A note about the words:

The words come from an email I wrote to a couple driven, successful friends of mine. While smoking and drinking the contents of the picture (Padilla Miami, and The Strong Doctor™) I realized I could fight to be successful so hard, and I really want to. I realized I have friends who are in the same boat; except they really are exceptional – like, these guys are really going to do things.

And I realized I really don’t want to see any of them wake up one day and realize they fought hard enough to lose all the other stuff – they sold a shit-ton of digital goods, and didn’t waste enough time with friends. They made a stunningly profitable business by converting every visitor into a subscription and didn’t earn any long-term trust. They created an empire of web properties but weren’t a part of anything they loved more than themselves.

So I took this picture and wrote this message:

Theres lots of ways to make money lads. And lots of ways to be lonely.

And lots of ways to wake up when you’re at the top of your game and realize you’ve lost.

Be yourselves. Do the right thing. Smoke good cigars if you can. And play for the long-haul smile inside.

Chase Reeves, © 2011, Email

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