So Hungry About Design

I recently tweeted: I am so hungry these days to learn more about good design…

Then a friend tweeted back: What kind of good design?

This post is sort of a free-flow answer to that question. I could try to organize it, but I don’t have time for that… er… I mean… this is really well thought out art!

Recently I’ve undergone a bit of a re-evaluation of my stuff, my stuff I do for a living, my direction, my center/core, my reason to be, my way to be reasoning.

If you’re not on the list   I can’t help you.   Help me help you!

I’m sort of going through the same thing with my own work. I’m also self taught (self-teaching) and I’ve really hit a plateau… mainly because of pricing myself too low (and having to take on too much work as a result), not having enough time to get better (see previous point), and painfully growing through project workflow issues. Douchey would actually be a good way to describe my conundrum.

Anyway, good stuff… right timing for me to read this because it’s a lot of the stuff I’ve been exploring more of. I’m really interested in usability in design and how site design can be enhanced based on visitor metrics. And lately I’ve been back-peddling my process by starting with wireframes, then designing PSDs FIRST… I had been just cracking open WordPress and going to work. But the project goes south quickly like that, especially with needy clients. Clients who know nothing about the web don’t get architecture vs. design. And now I’m rambling…

Cool post man. and this concludes the longest comment I’ve left this year :D


Glad we’re in the same boat. I should also mention that a lot of the digging up came through listening to interviews with a bunch of business guys I admire like Jeff Veen, Ryan Carson, Andy Clarke, Jim Coudal, etc. Listening to success stories of businesses coming out of that early part of the internet, where ambition was far second to altruism and exploration… those kinda fired me up.

Good on ya’, Chris!

I know what you are going through. I was once in the same boat… Kinda… The Internet wasn’t around then. The most important part of being a “graphic designer” not an “artist” is… Well. What I have learned over the years is that you need to learn as much as possible about everything, every year. Being a graphic designer is only in a small part knowing how to make things look good. You need to be a “jack of all trades”. There are base principles, standards and methods that carry over into every aspect if designing something good. These things are paramount And never change. Everything else is a wellspring of evolving-changing-crap&coolness you need to be awair of and can manipulate when the time is right for whatever the situation calls for. Also, if u limit yourself by the methods of the industry, you will never go beyond those methods. In my opinion, learning on your own first, before getting any professional schooling is a good thing. You find your personal rhythm. After awile of doing this, get some schooling and learn the foundations of the trade. This defines your learning curve and gives you a more concrete understanding of what u might have been missing and how you can make your methods 50 times better. People whom have no clue what graphic design is and then go to school for it, miss out on alot of personal growth. I hope this wasn’t to soapbox-self-deficating-ly-crass. We are a dime a dozen in Oregon, we need to be Jedi to our clients to stand apart from the 500,000 others like us.

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