Straight To The Gut

I’m an internet guy. I make no bones about that. And I have a friend, we’ll call him “More Harry Than Chase Is, Also Jewish-Ish,” and this friend always gives me crap for being an internet guy.

“Why are you always making stupid things online and posting posts about posting posts and letting everyone know about who you are and what you think? Why would you do these things when there’s real money to be made out there?”

That’s the kind of thing More Harry Than Chase Is, Also Jewish-Ish says to me. And today his criticism was particularly poignant. No words beyond, “This is you:” and a link to the video below. He pwned me, as you can see:


Is this all I really am?

Either this kid is just a regular kid, or he’s hilarious and brilliant and he’s making a statement about all us sh!tty bloggers who waste our time driveling about, flailing our arms here and there, creating a lot of noise until we believe we’re doing something worthwhile.

I still love tweeting and posting and picturing… And i think there may be a way to make money doing this shit one day. But I have to tip my hat to More Harry Than Chase Is, Also Jewish-Ish on this one. “It’s a buy!”

Update! This Kid’s For Real!

If there was ever any doubt about why this kid does these videos (to make fun of us?? Because it’s ‘who he is’?? He just likes doing them??) those doubts have been put to death. This guy is obviously doing it out of passion, love, respect, honor, etc… it’s like a devotion thing for him. He’s devoting:


If you’re not on the list   I can’t help you.   Help me help you!
Sara Junior

Because I f*cking love them! [blogs and girlscout cookies]

“I could eat, probably 2 God-damned boxes a day.”

Aaron Nicholls

Hahahaha, what!?!?! That kid is killing the “snack food that everyone has already tried” reviews.


HA HA! Yea, I especially appreciate that he’s reviewing things like Diet Coke, and Pepsi… too lol.

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