A Podcast & Why I’m So Excited About It

A Podcast & Why I’m So Excited About It

Today is the release of a new podcast I’m thrilled to be a part of. It’s very easy to enjoy and I’m exceedingly enthused about it. If you like Ice to the Brim, you’ll love this… I hope.

I would like very much for you to listen to the podcast. Here are some ways:

If you listen please leave a review in iTunes and tell me what you think… it helps other creative entrepreneurs find the show and, hopefully, will help them feel comfortable in their own skin. (You may need to click the blue “View in iTunes” button and then the “Ratings & Reviews” tab).

Note: we’ve written more about this first episode here: Finding Your Voice — The Fizzle Show 001.

How We Got Here

So, you may or may not know this, but I’ve been working with a friend full time building Fizzle — honest training + vital community for online business builders. I’ve been playing the part of creative director (and other stuff).

Working on this project has been a big deal for me in a few ways.

1. I’ve found my sweet spot. Working to educate talented, hopeful and conscientious entrepreneurs started as simply a project but has evolved into a calling. (I should know, Jesus and I used to date… like, a lot).

I resonate so hard with the journey of the independent entrepreneur… the excitement and energy, the fear, the broken heartedness, the isolation, the dreaming, the trying-to-be-so-smart-ness, the I’m-super-dumb-but-it-still-worked-out-ness, the delighting the audience, the creating, the discovery, the “why the f’k hasn’t anyone built this yet”-ness…

These are my people. In this mission I’ve found the right mix of mission and commerce and art and joy. This is what I was talking about in the Focus Factor™ thing. It’s a big deal to me.

2. I’ve found a partner. I always pictured myself as the lone gunman… but those endings are always sad. Corbett Barr and I have worked through Fernet, project redesigns, homemade manhattans, our wives’ giggles+cheese-feeds and the development of Fizzle from the ground up, and in the process we’ve found a harmony in work that hints at more than just the next couple years.

Seriously, this has changed how I work and how well I work. The way Corbett and I {cough} fill each others’ gaps {cough} has made a serious dent in how I look at the next 10 years. We look at this partnership like a marriage — we’re planning on the long haul.

But as my favorite old boss says, “that’s all fine and dandy for now, but in a few years when you’ve got a pile of money and two egos at the table the shit can really hit the fan.” Smart words we’ve taken to heart. It’s been a wild journey through these contract conversation and long-term dreaming with Corbett, but he’s been gracious and smart and made an avid fan of me. Corbett, if you’re listening, I like you very much… you’re a big deal to me.

Also, Caleb, you’re a big deal to me too… a much taller and balder big deal.

So, Weren’t We Talking About A Podcast?

Those two points above have been the critical path to where we are now: launching this podcast (which, if you’re not familiar, is like a radio show you get to play on demand; you should try it sometime).

Podcasts are easy to start and hard to make stick. So I won’t paint myself into a corner with a bunch of promises, but I’ll be damned if I don’t feel like this is the kind of shit I was made for. I was literally made to talk. And I literally feel for budding entrepreneurs. And I literally need to talk about these things with other people who actually know what their talking about (I’m all heart and jargon in the end… but it’s hearty jargon… literally).

So that’s where we are, launching a podcast. It’s a little thing, but it feel like a lot more than that to me. It feels like my shovel finally landed on something solid. I’ve hit something to launch off of and work towards, and it just so happens I’ve got people with me who make the work stronger, more fun and a lot more classy (in a boozy kind of way). The podcast will play a role in that.

Now the real work begins.

If you’re not on the list   I can’t help you.   Help me help you!

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