Flickr: Search Photos by Camera Used

I recently wanted to find all my pictures on Flickr taken with my nice camera (as opposed to my iPhone). There’s no simple button to do it, but here’s a quick and dirty method.

1. Open your Flickr photostream in two browser tabs.

2. In one do a search of your photostream (doesn’t matter what term, just do a search). What we’re looking for here is your flickr user number thingy. This is the number in the URL between “w=” and the following “&.”

My url is so my flickr user number thingy is 27809677@N04.

flickr search by camera used

3. In the other open up a picture you took with the camera you want to search for. Click on the “additional info” for this picture. You’ll see the link to the camera you used in this photo. Click that.

flickr search photos by camera flickr search photos by camera

4. Put together a simple URL using your flickr account number thingy (from the first tab) and the camera URL (from the second tab) like so:

Here’s mine, for example, searching by the Canon 5D MK III:

Good luck and happy hunting.

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