The Focus Factor™

I recently finished a project. I worked hard on it. I’m proud of myself and my team. But the most important thing about it was surprising. Watch the video and let me explain.

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[…] it should be said, of all the love stuff I’ve done, I never really went all in on any of them. This is the first time I’ve had enough experience, stones and muscles to […]

Great funny video Chase,

I get it, I have to have a focus on something I care about then I know where I am headed.

If not I am lost in the woods and but I if I am lost in the woods, I need to dig myself out and enjoy the journey to find my thing, that focus factor, thing or that something I care about deeply enough to create magic from. :)

Cheers Chase, always entertaining.

Right on right on. Fist bump. Breath of friggin fresh air, you are.

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