On Love & Money

What the issue comes down to for me is this:

I believe that life happens on two levels. The body-level tells us to go commercial. The soul-level tells us to follow our hearts.

If you’re lucky, you’re like Bruce Springsteen. You live on the heart level and you never have to leave it. You ignore every concept of “what will sell.” Instead you dive deep into your own world and your own passions. You go from Born to Run to Darkness on the Edge of Town to The River to Born in the USA and you keep going.

If you’re the Boss, you don’t have to sell out. You don’t have to pander to your audience. Instead you lead them. They want you to. You tell your story, follow your obsessions—and, holy Asbury Park, your secret, inner, crazy life turns out to be their secret inner crazy life too.”

Stephen Pressfield

If you’re not on the list   I can’t help you.   Help me help you!

I could never figure out why people limit this to two options. Love, or money.

For me, what i love is mountain biking with my friends and having a drink/beer in the sun with them afterwards. It’s hanging out with my wife and my kid and relaxing and watching him laugh.

I have to make money, so I figured out a way to do that which doesn’t put boundaries on me following what I love. That’s why I do it.

Do I “love” my job? Sure. Maybe. Do I “love” the freedom it gives me to follow my true loves? YES!

I’ve chased jobs of love and passion; and I’ve chased money. And now I chase solutions to allow me to spend time with those I love.

Having a money-job-thing is fine, so long as you quit someday.

There are plenty of things you can learn by going into the ‘do-it-for-the-money’ side that you cannot learn elsewhere.

It will also inevitabl, help you when you go back to ‘do-it-for-love.’ Your lessons in making money will support the business you love. No need to be a starving artist, nor a soulless success.

The real failures in life are the ones who pick one side, and stay there, and never try swapping between the two.

I think this is the key: when given a choice between A or B, take both.

When love and money meet I’ll know I’ve found the right place.

Creative me says “Let’s be free and just do what puts a smile on your face”

Money me says “You must eat, then you can love what you eat”

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