Wondering what I’ll say to internet about this. I want to say something. It’s in my nature. These people so far away are friends of mine and there is care and love and life-long friendships in these toots and bytes”

On the death of my son, Rowan

Our second son, Rowan, passed away during labor last week. We are heartbroken. The above is a quote from something I wrote about the labor. Say what you like about the companies and the gurus and the sponsored posts and the future of social media, but I’m grateful for the cables and code that brought my far friends close.

If you’re not on the list   I can’t help you.   Help me help you!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the form of words; you do it so well. I cannot imagine the grief, but know that my thoughts of your family are filled with love and wishes for healing.

Thank you cables and code, but your words have a way of connecting us to you. You are incredibly good at that. I think it’s a gift you have for a reason. Reasons like now.

Even though this sounds like a year book sign off, it’s so damn true…You’re all heart Chase. Don’t ever change.

I should not have read this at work. Chase, that must have been incredibly hard to experience and then to write about. You’re an inspiration.

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