Chase Reeves is the co-founder and creative director of Fizzle.co where he makes the most effective and engaging training for freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs. He lives in Portland, Oregon with a (very) lovely wife and a (very) energetic 6 year old son.

See how I did that? How I wrote that bit in the third person? Pretty fancy, huh? I can’t keep it up though.

Basically, I feel for the creative entrepreneur stuck between the isolation and terror and mania and hope and ineptness and un-confidence of creating something and the limp-dickness of not creating something (pardon my francé).

If that’s you, you’ll find a bit of yourself in the quotes and articles here.

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Top Quotes, Thoughts & Articles

There’s some good stuff in here — stuff you need, stuff that’ll make you think differently about your work and keep you entertained and make you a bit betterer and save your marriage.

My Projects & Businesses

Fizzle.co honest business training for online entrepreneurs. This is where I coach and educate small business owners alongside Corbett Barr & Caleb Wojcik.

The Fizzle Show A podcast for creative entrepreneurs. This is really good, honest.

ThinkTraffic.net a popular blog about building a thriving and profitable audience for your site.

Matterful.co I used to make things for others. I no longer do.

Chase & Mellisa Reeves Music I used to make music. I no longer do (beyond the occasional wailing on the ol’ rig, man).

What’s With The Name?

Ice all the way up to the brim is the first step in any decent cocktail.

It’s also a way of saying: it doesn’t really matter what time we show up, we’ll be ready… ready to party, for some life, for some heartache, for something matterful, whatever.

About Chase Reeves

Chase is a weird mix of business, design, marketing, tomfoolery, cocktails, marketing, design, flahoolick, and cocktails. Most of his friends say he’s the most indelicate person they know.

Through his work at Fizzle.co he helps (literally) thousands of entrepreneurs find their creative habit (and avoid burnout). He’s got a soft spot for the working dad and man because, frankly, he could do a lot better at both. If you see him at the bar, ask him about a guy called Howard Gossage.

He lives in Portland, Oregon with a (very) lovely wife and a son whom feeds on Chase’s broken dreams — Chase loves this creature regardless of his self-preservation instinct. Sadly, in July of 2013 Chase and Mellisa lost their second son Rowan during labor. There is deep sadness but also new awareness and clarity for the family in Rowan’s wake.

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The Reeves Family

Interviews With Chase

CMD+Space: Feeling Alone and Afraid with Chase Reeves“This week Myke is joined by Chase Reeves. They discuss designing, writing, creating, podcasting and so much more. Chase makes a living helping people make a success of their personal projects and he offers up a taste of that wisdom.”

Product People Podcast: Part 1 & Part 2“…that struggle of building products, especially when you’re just starting out, and trying to figure out which direction to go in.”

Show Me Your Mic: Chase Reeves“Chase Reeves sets the record for the most markers in an episode. You’ll have to listen to find out why.”

Making Something Great: An Interview with Chase Reeves“But I’m just a kid. And I’m not all that bright (though I can get sparkly). If I try too hard to make something “great” I can end up digging myself into a self-absorbed, moody and relationship-straining hole.”

The Gently Mad Podcast: Chase Reeves“We had a fascinating discussion about the intersection of faith and art, our respective upbringings and religious backgrounds and how that has affected our lives and work.”

Content Warfare Podcast: Finding Your Voice Online with Chase Reeves“…an introspective look at what it takes to find success creating content online. Not only is this one of the most honest podcast episodes we’ve done, but it’s also one of the most entertaining.

The Creative Balance: How Chase Reeves Built ???? (FZS 004)“In this entertaining episode he shares some lessons learned as he navigated his career through media and project management stuff to reading LifeHacker.com for 10 hours a day to newborns and lay-offs and start-ups, oh my!”

Chase Reeves: Design is About Service, not Pixels“In this interview, I had the pleasure of learning more about the man behind the design, his struggles, his work and why he thinks design is about service.”

Exploring a Game-Changing WordPress Design [Think Traffic Case Study]“Very rarely am I truly blown away by a website’s design.”

How To Design Your Website And Tell A Story – An Interview with Chase Reeves“Chase is super passionate about design and helping businesses grow. He’s one of the most genuine guys I’ve talked to and you’ll feel the same after listening.”

Behind the New Think Traffic Design (Results + How We Did It) with Chase Reeves“Today we’re introducing our very talented designer and friend, Chase Reeves. We’re also going to share some results about how the new design is helping Think Traffic grow faster than ever.”

5 Minute Interview: Chase Reeves : AllSwagga.com“I say ‘tech startup’ for three reasons: 1. It sounds sexy, 2. The logistics of the company are not sexy, 3. I try to be sexy whenever possible.”

Dads in the Limelight – Chase Reeves | Dad of Divas“When I’m not in my rocking chair drippin’ bits of my essential consciousness into the gloss and abyss of reality tv (WTF woman!?) I’m designing websites, helping clients with marketing adventures, running the marketing department of a small tech startup in Portland, OR, writing posts and recording videos for Father Apprentice, starting up other projects, wiping my son’s a$$, finding ways to give him a good time, and trying to manage the emotional-relational-sexual-organizational-kitchenCleanliness balance of my wife (it’s a delicate balance, that).”

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I’m getting better with age. If you care about your work and want to think about it matterfully, you’ve got nothing to lose.