After a long, arduous battle, I'll be using Adobe Lightroom instead of Apple's Aperture

The reasons are:

  • Lightroom's touch up brush tool is brilliantly powerful.
  • Lightroom can export and import folders and images with all metadata, etc (rating, keywords, etc) [Aperture can export, but it cannot import files with metadata which is lame]
I don't know why, but I wish I could choose Aperture. I guess it's because Aperture is much better looking, a little quicker, and better at organizing. 

But in the end, power wins out when you need power, and Lightroom's touch up brush wand thingy is real friggen powerful. The rest is comparable.

We'll see how long this lasts… 

GTD Tip #167: Turn "Organizing Tasks" Into Rewards

I had a short bout as an organizational and productivity consultant a while back. I know, it’s silly, but get your giggles out now ’cause here’s a $450 tip for you:

You know when you’ve got knowledge work to do and all you can think about is organizing your desk, or cleaning the dirty whiteboard, or cleaning out that stupid little wheel on your mouse, or browsing e-cards to send to your mom for her half birthday? You know what that feels like, right?

Well, these are rudely seductive. How are they seductive? (more…)

iPhone Playing Audiobooks Out of Order Fix

For a month or so now, my iPhone has been playing my audiobooks out of order. Can you for ONE SECOND imagine how annoying that was? Every time a new chapter of Stephen King’s On Writing finished  (every 7 minutes or so), I’d have to stop playback, go back to the list of tracks, remember which one I just listened to and manually play the next track. Friggen lame.

Well, daddio handled the fix for you ladies and gents. Simply go to one of your regular music playlists or artists, and turn the shuffle feature on and off a couple of times. BLAMMO! Fixed.

You’re welcome and goodnight.

Design Vs. Style: thoughts on stuff probably completely sorted out somewhere

I’ve been thinking a lot about design recently, namely, about the relationship between design and “style” or “fashion.” Now, when I say ‘style,’ I’m not quite sure what I mean exactly. Nor am I sure about how design and style relate to each other… I’m sure they are related somehow… but how?

So, I plopped out this question on Twitter to see if anyone had some good answers about the subject. Thankfully, I had a bite. @hippydaddy, whom I met recently at a workshop on digital marketing, had some well developed thoughts on the subject. He emailed me (posted with permission): (more…)

John Wooden On Success

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.”John Wooden

The Relationship Of Happiness & Ambition: huge study, short report.

I’ve been lucky to be a part of a worldwide study on the relationship between happiness and ambitions. Find our charty facts in the image below.

<p>Basically, the lower your ambition the happier you are, but the more lackluster and idiot you are too. Also, these people are poor and they make their non-hippy friends uncomfortable.</p> <a href="" class="more-link"><span aria-label="Continue reading The Relationship Of Happiness &amp; Ambition: huge study, short report.">(more&hellip;)</span></a>

Jack of all trades, master of none or all-in-one awesome?

I’ve been listening to some great guys from CP+B (a big-ass, awesome ad agency) and I’ve been impressed with how many people are on a single commercial, site, or print piece… let alone the account in general. Here are some of the job-titles on a single project: (more…)

How To Win Wives And Influence Spending Habbits

Here’s an interesting conversation I had with wifee. Thrill as I try to convince her of my desperate need to upgrade my iPhone to the new 3Gs. Gasp as I desperately lie to her to get my way. Despair as I win with brutal subtlety… (I’m the one in green). (more…)