Benediction For A House: A poem of sorts

It is a house, nothing more than a plot of land and a few bricks. Just a house, a roof held up by a few walls to keep the rain out. A corner of the world to warm ourselves by a little. Just a house… A place to keep things and hang pictures and park cars… A place to find space hidden away for golf clubs to cob-web and toys to be played with an forgotten and left behind. It is just a house, except for a few subtle differences. For one, there is a georgeous lady in this place who brings all the meaning and truth to my world. It’s because of her that I am not some miser building a house on top of a lonely hill. Secondly, there is a small son here who finds love in me I had never known about. It is because of him that I come away from my building and storing and keeping at all. And thirdly, there are the faces of friends. The presence of people who breathe the same life as we do… In… Out… The sounds of ease and trial and challenge and support… And love… Their presence fills this place like birds fill the empty morning; and the sounds of their glasses clinking fills me up. If it wasn’t for these people, the glass would always be half empty. It is just a house. A plot of land, some walls and a roof. And i, i am just a man in a house. And yet because of you people… My wife, my son, our friends… I am a king and a giant in the presence of gods, and I am rich and grateful.

How to change Chrome’s default search engine to results from the past year

Here's how: 

1: search google for something simple

2: Click "show options…" on the sidebar there on the Google results page.

3: Select the option that you'd like to be your new default search (in this case i chose the "Past Year" option to only show results from the past year… cuz i've just had enough forum results from 2006 when i search for "Why the f*ck is IE so dumb!?" 

4: Copy the URL of the new filtered results page, then right click the address bar and select "Edit Search Engines…"

5: in the search engines window, click the "+" bottom left, then fill in the details:

6: Select the new search engine you just created, and click "Make Default"… viola!! You're the best around!

25 cent advice for your marketing/ad campaign

Theres a bunch of cool stuff Sendhil Mullainathan talks about in the video below… I only want to highlight one point he makes. It’s about BMW wanting to advertise the safety of their cars.

Car safety adverts are normally about car chasis getting slammed into walls in slow motion, or, in other words, the “you’ll survive wrecks in our cars” message. BMW opted for the different “our cars keep you out of accidents” message. It’s not necessarily brilliant, just a different angle on the topic.

Tagged with "Shit That Matters" – The Uniqueness of Humans

This? this shit here? this shit matters. (you may want to fast forward to 4:45, but the intro sets up some respect for the speaker)

A farewell lecture to the class of 2009 at stanford from Robert Sapolsky, world renowned professor of neurology, neurological sciences, neurosurgery and biological sciences. or watch at youtube: Robert Sapolsky, world renowned professor of neurology, neurological sciences, neurosurgery and biological sciences.


After a long, arduous battle, I'll be using Adobe Lightroom instead of Apple's Aperture

The reasons are:

  • Lightroom's touch up brush tool is brilliantly powerful.
  • Lightroom can export and import folders and images with all metadata, etc (rating, keywords, etc) [Aperture can export, but it cannot import files with metadata which is lame]
I don't know why, but I wish I could choose Aperture. I guess it's because Aperture is much better looking, a little quicker, and better at organizing. 

But in the end, power wins out when you need power, and Lightroom's touch up brush wand thingy is real friggen powerful. The rest is comparable.

We'll see how long this lasts… 

GTD Tip #167: Turn "Organizing Tasks" Into Rewards

I had a short bout as an organizational and productivity consultant a while back. I know, it’s silly, but get your giggles out now ’cause here’s a $450 tip for you:

You know when you’ve got knowledge work to do and all you can think about is organizing your desk, or cleaning the dirty whiteboard, or cleaning out that stupid little wheel on your mouse, or browsing e-cards to send to your mom for her half birthday? You know what that feels like, right?

Well, these are rudely seductive. How are they seductive? (more…)

iPhone Playing Audiobooks Out of Order Fix

For a month or so now, my iPhone has been playing my audiobooks out of order. Can you for ONE SECOND imagine how annoying that was? Every time a new chapter of Stephen King’s On Writing finished  (every 7 minutes or so), I’d have to stop playback, go back to the list of tracks, remember which one I just listened to and manually play the next track. Friggen lame.

Well, daddio handled the fix for you ladies and gents. Simply go to one of your regular music playlists or artists, and turn the shuffle feature on and off a couple of times. BLAMMO! Fixed.

You’re welcome and goodnight.