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Barefoot Running

This summer I’ve been geeking out about barefoot running. You heard right: running… barefoot… Below you’ll find some notes on my experience and some resources to learn more.

Let me clarify: Barefoot running is more about the art of running as if you were barefoot than it is about running actually barefoot. There are many “barefoot shoes” out there to choose from that will help you run more barefoot and protect you from rocks and such.

My thoughts so far: I’ve been running the “barefoot” way for almost 5 months straight… I absolutely love it. (more…)

I Just Realized I'm Average

The Enneagram tells you what you’re like by helping you understand your personality type. I’ve said before I think this book is unbelievably awesome.

One of the reasons I love it is because it can help you understand if you’re operating in the healthy, average, or unhealthy level of your personality type. Then it gives you some ideas about how to move towards being more healthy.

Well, my friends, I just found out that I’m definitely operating in the “Average” level. Here’s a paragraph that pretty succinctly sums up some shit i’m feeling.

I’ve got to break out of this… more to come.

Self Discovery & The Enneagram: Find Out You

be who you are. the enneagram can helpI used to be a bit of a personal development nut. Through my late teens and twenties I spent an ungodly amount of time in coffee shops reading through spiritual classics, self help books, Kahlil Gibran, and The Inquirer. I also spent an even ungodlier amount of time writing in a journal… good ol’ paper and pen and writing till the answer came out.

I don’t know what I had up my butt, but I felt a good deal like the universe was some swirling mess of possibilities and I wanted to figure out what bits of it which concerned me. My dad told me at the time life doesn’t work like that, that you have to just dive into the workforce, get wet and figure things out as you go. I believe him now, but at the time there was too much magic in all the dreaming. (more…)

John Wooden On Success

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.”John Wooden

The Relationship Of Happiness & Ambition: huge study, short report.

I’ve been lucky to be a part of a worldwide study on the relationship between happiness and ambitions. Find our charty facts in the image below.

<p>Basically, the lower your ambition the happier you are, but the more lackluster and idiot you are too. Also, these people are poor and they make their non-hippy friends uncomfortable.</p> <a href="" class="more-link"><span aria-label="Continue reading The Relationship Of Happiness &amp; Ambition: huge study, short report.">(more&hellip;)</span></a>

Jack of all trades, master of none or all-in-one awesome?

I’ve been listening to some great guys from CP+B (a big-ass, awesome ad agency) and I’ve been impressed with how many people are on a single commercial, site, or print piece… let alone the account in general. Here are some of the job-titles on a single project: (more…)

How to Start

How do you start a blog?  Oh, I know, by blogging about how to start the blog.  #lamebutWTF

So, one of the things I’ve learned over the past year or two is the secret about starting things: namely, start it now.  Screw it.  Sit down and put pen use to paper.  Write the check.  Commit the first post… even without the picture (you’ll come back later and add that).  Resistance is what keeps you from starting, and the best way to overcome Снятие it is to blow yourself in the head like cheap jerseys online Tyler Durden (or Robert Paulsen).

A great resource on how to start things: The War of Tee Art by Steven Pressfield.  I was turned onto this by a friend of mine who is a writer.  Get 2 pages into wholesale nba jerseys this book and it will become your new sanctuary.  Few people cheap mlb jerseys understand overcoming resistance better than Pressfield, Light and no one will make you Exhibit want to kick resistance’s ass harder.

So, here’s to Pressfield (Cheers, sir) and here’s to starting something new Goddamit

Resistance outwits the amateur with the oldest trick in the book: It uses his Infografik: own enthusiasm against him…It knows we can’t sustain that level of intensity. We will hit the wall. We cheap nba jerseys will When crash.” (Page 75 of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield)

Are Hee Espee Easy Tee

So a guy walks into my office today and he’s cool, Hacked real cool.  He’s a copywriter/advertising guy at a local agency, and handsome to boot, with some cute little euro boots.  Immediately I want him to we like me.

Why does this desire flare up so automatically.  I’ve got an awesome life: beautiful wife, healthy kid on the way, a job that I love and want to succeed in, amazing friends.  So what’s this a##hole got to do with me?  Why would I care if he thinks I’m valuable or not?

Of course there’s some kind of insecurity involved… “Somewhere, sometime somebody has kicked us all around some,” to loosely quote the legendary Tom Petty. &  But I can sense there’s a bit more to it than just this. (more…)