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List of Mac apps to transfer to new computer

I recently got into a new laptop. It’s not like the old days – now I need to be able to spin up the new ‘puter into a big boy professional workhorse as quickly as possible.

So I’ve created this list of apps and data to help me remember what I need to consider so’s I don’t miss anything important. These are roughly in order.

I’m posting it here in case you find it helpful. Also, so I’ll be able to find it next time I get a new ‘puter.

Last update: 2016-12-14


  • Grant Mac username admin privileges (so i can move things into the root directory without needing a password… like a boss).
  • show Allow Apps from Anywhere in Security Pane: sudo spctl --master-disable
  • remove dock delay defaults write autohide-delay -float 0 && killall Dock
  • Macintosh HD > Cmd+I > permissions set to “read and write”
  • System Preferences > Keyboard > “Key Repeat” all the way to fast. “Delay” all the way to short.
  • System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > select “All controls” at the bottom
  • System Preferences > Keyboard > shortcuts > Accessibility > click invert colors
  • System Preferences > Sharing > turn on Screen Sharing and File Sharing
  • Sys Prefs > Internet Accounts > login to Google acct.
  • Finder > Cmd+, > set some preferences here (new finder window: Downloads, Search: current folder
  • Calendar > Enable gCal Acct. Then: View > Show Calendar List > right-click birthdays > Get Info > Disable Alerts
  • Apple’s Messages… open and setup google account

First Apps

App Store Apps

  • Ulysses — install this theme
  • Cloud — start at login
  • Fantastical — start at login, change keyboard shortcut (cmd+opt+control+F), Make gCal default calendar, default alerts (message 15m, email 1hr)
  • Evernote
  • DayOne — sync with DayOne service
  • Byword
  • Marked — get custom CSS from ~/Library/Application Support/Marked
  • Transmit — sync dropbox in preferences
  • Tweetbot
  • Sip
  • iBooks Author
  • Skitch
  • App Cleaner
  • The Unarchiver
  • Logic Pro X
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Compressor
  • Motion

Design Stuff

  • Photoshop (CS Cloud) — cmd+shift+k > monitor color > uncheck “ask”. View > Proof Colors to Monitor.
    • (Save actions from old PS if necessary)
    • Load actions, brushes, patterns from Dropbox/Apps/Photoshop
  • FontExplorer X Pro — License in 1PW.
    • preferences > import > “keep finder folder structure.” Then drag in Dropbox/Apps/Font-Foundries folders.
    • If you want: remove some system fonts using this method. (Disable SIP, remove/copy fonts elsewhere, empty trash, re-enable SIP).
    • Deactivate a bunch of the crap in User Fonts

Webdev Stuff

  • MAMP
    • set Apache folder to Dropbox/htdocs.
    • copy end of httpd.conf from old computer (make sure file structure is same!)
    • choose if you want to copy old database or just rebuild from production (db symlink)
    • Hosts File… copy from /etc/
  • Tower
  • CodeKit
  • ImageOptim
  • Firefox
  • Follow instructions for Vagrant + Ansible in htdocs/fizzle/deploy.
    • Copy over /fizzle/local-config.php
    • Copy over /fizzle/forums/conf-local.php

Audio/Podcasting Stuff

  • Logic Pro X from App Store
    • Export Key Commands from old puter.
    • Copy files from ~/Music/Audio Music Apps
  • Motu Audio Driver (for 4pre)
  • Audio Hijack Pro — 1PW
  • ID3 Tag Editor – Serial in 1PW
  • Izotope and other plugins
  • /FS/_Common Assets to Macintosh HD

Video Stuff

  • Final Cut Pro (App Store)
    • Preferences: 3.79 still images, .24 transitions, background render off
    • bring over Motion Templates from ~/Movies
  • Motion (App Store)
    • Motion Menu > Download Content (or here)
    • Manually copy Motion Templates from ~/Movies
  • Compressor (App Store)
    • Manually copy Settings from /library/application support/compressor
  • Screenflow – Serial in 1PW
  • Manually copy over projects from /

Photo Stuff

  • Lightroom (CS Cloud)
    • Lightroom > Preferences > Presets > store presets with this catalog
    • Lightroom library and catalogue in ~/pictures/Lightroom
    • Lightroom develop settings (in ~/pictures/lightroom/lightroom settings
  • Google Photos — watch folder at /

Folders To Sync Manually

  • Documents
  • Movies
  • Music (iTunes too)
  • Movies
  • Services Menus – ~/library/services
  • keyboard shortcuts for MD services (screenshot)
  • Sync iPhone

Sync Mac Desktop & Downloads with Dropbox

You can use Dropbox to sync things outside your Dropbox folder using a little Linux wizardry.

Sync Mac Desktop with Dropbox:

Open terminal and type this and hit enter:

ln -s ~/Desktop ~/Dropbox

Sync Mac Downloads with Dropbox:

ln -s ~/Downloads ~/Dropbox

Done and done.

Pro tip: the first path is the source, the second is the target container you want to choose (not a copy of the source itself on dropbox). Read here for more info on this.

I do the same thing to sync my MAMP folder on my mac through Dropbox:

ln -s /Applications/MAMP/db ~/Dropbox/Apps/MAMP

And to sync my Wiretap Studio library:

ln -s ~/Documents/WireTap\ Studio\ Library.wtpl ~/Dropbox/Apps

TextExpander Snippet for Gmail Compose Page (without inbox) — plus some thoughts on email

It’s finally happened: my inbox has become a problem. More on this below.

But first, here’s a lil’ textexpander snippet to take you to a compose message for your gmail account WITHOUT pulling up the inbox… helpful when, like me, you get sucked into the incessant sucking sound of your inbox.

Set that up for something like ;gmc (for GMail Compose) and use it when you write an email instead of opening up your inbox.

Up to now email has been relatively easy. Spam hasn’t been a problem for me, the demand wasn’t much larger than the supply, etc.

Now that I’m at the helm of a successful business and a relatively large blog, my inbox is full of stuff.

The hardest part: it’s full of good stuff. Earnest people honestly trying stuff, struggling with their businesses, taking chances on themselves, inspired and motivated by something i’ve written or said somewhere.

I love these people so hard, you guys. And I’m being forced to grow up a little.

In a recent interview with gary veynerchuck, Gary said the thing that scares him the most is knowing that the practices that have built his business to now won’t scale to where he knows the business is going.

I’m so so so much smaller than him, the demands of my inbox so so so much smaller… but I resonate with the thought.

So i’m brushing up on some classic email triage skills… trying to honor the earnestness and desires of those writing to me while honoring my own humanity.

Humanity is like that… limited with the ability to reach for so much.

They’re writing in, reaching with their lives, hungry for a shred of “you’re not alone, when I was there this helped…” I was there. I reached out and mostly never got an email back, but sometimes I did hear back and those were intensely meaningful conversations for me.

And at the same time, humanity is always limited… it’s important to stay in your skin, keep your feet on the ground, listen to your body, not overextend yourself, over-reach. Doing so leads to mania and craziness and unhappiness and too much activity for worse and worse orgasms.

So, anyways… yea, textexpander… pretty cool.

Textmate 2 & Mavericks Markdown/MultiMarkdown Bundle Update

It’s ridiculous to me how much crap I have to deal with to get Markdown to work in my favorite text editor. I had it all sorted, then upgraded to Mavericks which botched it up again. But I’ve fixed it.

The trick is this: you’ve gotta use Fletcher Penney’s MD bundle because it’s better (basic bundle doesn’t support hyphen lists… absurd). But that bundle hasn’t been updated in forever. And mavericks needs some updates to this shit due to a ruby change.

So I did a lil’ hack job and updated the ruby path in all the files in Fletcher’s MD bundle. I’d update it on Git also but what’s a git? You can download it here:

Textmate 2 Markdown Bundle Fixed for Mavericks »

Replace all links to .mp3 with HTML5 audio tag using jQuery

I have a site full of music. When the Yahoo Media Player stopped working I had to figure out how best to convert all these text links to MP3s into playable bits on the page.

I found few things that were helpful, this one specifically. I grabbed the bits I needed, simplified, and came up with this:

I’m real green on jQuery, so i’m sure there are better ways to do this. But this worked for me.

Sync Apple Logic Pro with Dropbox

A tutorial on how to sync Apple Logic Pro files (channel strip settings, vst presets, etc) using dropbox. We do this by creating a symbolic link… some terminal stuff involved, but ultimately not tough.

In the video I show how to do it for the desktop as well… syncing the desktop of one computer to the desktop of another using dropbox.

Symlinks aren’t hard, you can do this. I’ll show you how.

NOTE: LOGIC PRO X UPDATED WHERE THE FILES ARE STORED. They are now stored in ~/Music/Audio Music Apps

The simplified version is this:

  1. Copy the folder you want to sync from where it is into where you want it in dropbox.
    • e.g., ~/Music/Audio\ Music\ Apps copied to ~/Dropbox/Apps/Logic
  2. Delete the original folder.
    • e.g., remove the folder in Application Support
  3. Symlink from Dropbox to the original folder location. (Instead of from original folder to Dropbox).
    • e.g., ln -s ~/Dropbox/Apps/Logic ~/Music/Audio\ Music\ Apps

Flickr: Search Photos by Camera Used

I recently wanted to find all my pictures on Flickr taken with my nice camera (as opposed to my iPhone). There’s no simple button to do it, but here’s a quick and dirty method.

1. Open your Flickr photostream in two browser tabs.

2. In one do a search of your photostream (doesn’t matter what term, just do a search). What we’re looking for here is your flickr user number thingy. This is the number in the URL between “w=” and the following “&.”

My url is so my flickr user number thingy is 27809677@N04.

flickr search by camera used

3. In the other open up a picture you took with the camera you want to search for. Click on the “additional info” for this picture. You’ll see the link to the camera you used in this photo. Click that.

flickr search photos by camera flickr search photos by camera

4. Put together a simple URL using your flickr account number thingy (from the first tab) and the camera URL (from the second tab) like so:

Here’s mine, for example, searching by the Canon 5D MK III:

Good luck and happy hunting.

Reeder for Chrome

It’s not affiliated with the fabulous Reeder iphone app, but it’ll do just fine. Check out this extension to skin Google Reader in chrome: Reeder for Chrome

Inconsolata font with straight quotes

Inconsolata is a great looking monospace font. My favorite for all uses. But it uses curly quotes instead of straight quotes, which is really weird for a monospace font and annoying when you’re the kind of person who tries out multiple monospace fonts (because you have SO many friends).

Nodnod made a version of the font which fixes this. I don’t know how that works, but I’m very pumped about it… and greatful {nods}.

Download at NodNod or here.

Advice on buying your next domain name

Notes from this comment for myself you may find helpful.

  • Start with… They have a MASSIVE database of domains for sale.
  • Before you pull the trigger on trying to buy the name (and, no, this isn’t legal advice) I highly recommend you take a quick visit to and do a trademark search for the name you’re thinking of.
  • You should also do a Google search with the name within quotes (exact match) to see what sorts of pages online are using that term and why.
  • Never use hyphens and avoid numbers if possible.
  • Type a possible name into your address bar (without going to it) just to see how it looks and feels. (more…)

Dirty little secret: TextExpander for self-clearing CSS

I’m neck deep in code and came up with this handy lil’ trick. Sometimes you’re working within an HTML framework you can’t change… not even to add that quick little .clearfix class.

Well, there are ways to self-clear items using some weird, long-ish, not-rememberable CSS.

So, here’s a TextExpander snippet that quickly adds this mess code for the class/ID you’re targeting:

%fill:name%:before, %fill:name%:after { content: ""; display: table; }
%fill:name%{background:transparent;width:auto;zoom: 1;}
%fill:name%:after { clear: both; }

If what I’m talking about sounds vaguely like something you may one day have another thought about, I suggest you give this a try.

If, on the other hand, you’re normal, please disregard this message.