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Chrysler’s latest commercials are perfect.

The world is full of HORRIBLE commercials.

You’re right, Samsung, I’ve ALWAYS wanted a phone I can take video on while simultaneously snapping pictures WHILE SKYDIVING THANK YOU FOR FINALLY MAKING A PHONE WORTH BUYING YOU GUYS ARE SO IN TUNE!!!1!

In that world, these commercials from Chrysler (I believe all by W+K) are exceptional. Story, grit, pride, the perception of authenticity…

In a world of shit products and shit marketing those who can turn product into story and story into something I already am and can be more a part of will die with smiles.

My only bummer with this one is the dumb synth strings. If that was real strings in a real room this thing is tears and fist pumping.

The bellman’s nod. The flag flying.

Humble beginnings are… humbling. Too bad they couldn’t get a deep track for this one as well. Probably only meant for a small, Portland audience.

The explorers now, pretty much, stay home

Aaron Draplin’s 50 Point Plan

Short film and song — Coastin’

This weekend we rented a beautiful cabin on the coast of Oregon. Andy, Zach, Mellisa, Aiden and I.

I wanted to try to film on my Canon 7D without a lens attached. So I tried. With one hand I held the lens and tried to adjust the focus with my finger. In the other hand I held the camera.

It was hard to get a solid, focused image, but it created a beautiful, washed out kind of look.

During Aiden’s nap on saturday I took the iPhone and guitar into the bedroom to create a moody song for the video. I used the iPhone microphone to record the guitar parts, added an organ drone, violá!

Hope you dig it. Now, with DSLRs and iPhones we can all pretend we live in Tumblr every day!

Download the song: I Need it Most

Zagg and Logitech iPad keyboard case review

In this video I look at the following iPad keyboard cases and decide which I like best:

Keyboard changes iPad for the better

Having a keyboard has completely changed the way I use my iPad. Before it was a thing for my kid to fiddle with and also a thing with great music making potential I’d never commit time to. Now it’s a full-on computer with benefits.

The most important benefit of the keyboard is the ability to write. But it also makes internet searching and everything else better since the on-screen keyboard has always been bungly (‽).

Here’s some quick thoughts on why I think this keyboard/iPad combo will be important for me: (more…)

Remember when rock and roll mattered to you? Takes a while to get into, but I think it’s good. Right?

Pogo remixes things, the result is: my life is so great!

Upular (Pixar Remix) from Nick Bertke on Vimeo. I’d embed it but he doesn’t allow it.

Watching this, these excellent scenes, the rich colors, the closing of the book on the words things I’m going to do, the brazilian beats, the sense we all have everything we need in the sun and the soil and each other, and then the break in the beat where Doug says hey, get off his roooof… It’s all so wonderful!

The Batman Blues™

Uncle Zach directs this art-house music video for the latest track from supergroup Shirts vs. Skins. Andy on the drums, Aiden on the cute/cape, me on guitar.

Portland Time Lapse Video

So many Christophers, so many Crosses. The wind is right. I’m a believer. Stay sweet Lance Bass.