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Angry Boys – go watch this

My friend @zach_aren turned me on to this. It’s unbelievable: one guy playing multiple roles in a docudrama… it’s in Australia, and in case that wasn’t enough, it’s also hilarious!

Go watch Angry Boys

[I couldn’t find the first episode online. So, use the seedy back-channels of the internet]

There's only two kinds of people in the world

There’s only two kinds of people in the world, people who are fired up by “this” and people who are fired up by “that.” Examples below.

Whatever it takes, if it’s dying your hair (soul?) black and off-tuning “powerlo—-aaad!” or going “meow meow meow smile smile colors COKE!”, do what you’ve got to do to get fired up! (more…)

Will Farrell Outtakes… Wayyyy too many good giggles and squirts not to post. Enjoy!\

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John Cleese On Creativity

Very interesting John Cleese video on creativity. Here’s some notes:

  1. There’s a part of our mind that helps us be more creative.
  2. The most dangerous thing when writing is to be interrupted.
  3. (more…)

Viktor Frankl – Why To Believe In Others (video)

Viktor Frankl wrote Man’s Search For Meaning, an incredible book. Simply incredible (more on the book below). Here is a video of Frankl speaking at a conference in Toronto in 1972. It’s simple and humble, but when he made his point it was a paradigm shift for me.

Man’s Search For Meaning


Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl is among the most influential works of psychiatric literature since Freud. The book begins with a lengthy, austere, and deeply moving personal essay about Frankl’s imprisonment in Auschwitz and other concentration camps for five years, and his struggle during this time to find reasons to live. The second part of the book, called “Logotherapy in a Nutshell,”describes the psychotherapeutic method that Frankl pioneered as a result of his experiences in the concentration camps. Freud believed that sexual instincts and urges were the driving force of humanity’s life; Frankl, by contrast, believes that man’s deepest desire is to search for meaning and purpose. Frankl’s logotherapy, therefore, is much more compatible with Western religions than Freudian psychotherapy. This is a fascinating, sophisticated, and very human book. At times, Frankl’s personal and professional discourses merge into a style of tremendous power. “Our generation is realistic, for we have come to know man as he really is,”Frankl writes. “After all, man is that being who invented the gas chambers of Auschwitz; however, he is also that being who entered those gas chambers upright, with the Lord’s Prayer or the Shema Yisrael on his lips.”

25 cent advice for your marketing/ad campaign

Theres a bunch of cool stuff Sendhil Mullainathan talks about in the video below… I only want to highlight one point he makes. It’s about BMW wanting to advertise the safety of their cars.

Car safety adverts are normally about car chasis getting slammed into walls in slow motion, or, in other words, the “you’ll survive wrecks in our cars” message. BMW opted for the different “our cars keep you out of accidents” message. It’s not necessarily brilliant, just a different angle on the topic.

Tagged with "Shit That Matters" – The Uniqueness of Humans

This? this shit here? this shit matters. (you may want to fast forward to 4:45, but the intro sets up some respect for the speaker)

A farewell lecture to the class of 2009 at stanford from Robert Sapolsky, world renowned professor of neurology, neurological sciences, neurosurgery and biological sciences. or watch at youtube: Robert Sapolsky, world renowned professor of neurology, neurological sciences, neurosurgery and biological sciences.