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You Should Know: Thomas Dybdahl

Thomas Dybdahl is a singer-songer from Norway. I really dig this guy. He’s the singer of The National Bank as well, which I’ve written about before. I wrote a little about Dybdahl there as well.

Why do I like this guy? Here’s a few reasons:

  • Songwriting: lyrics are thoughtful and human.
  • Orchestration: really great at putting instruments together.
  • Production: Science is one of the best sounding albums I’ve ever heard. Before I heard this guy, this was always the sound I was going for. (more…)

The Cinematic Orchestra – You Should Know

You should know of a band called The Cinematic Orchestra. It’s like this:

You know those guys who seemed really cool to you 10 years back in that scene you were in? You know, like, that hardcore scene with all those bands you were a n00b in? Or that hip-hop thing you were into, or whatever?

Why I Enjoy Marc Maron

I’m not a ‘podcast’ guy, but I do listen to one podcast, always, without missing a beat. It’s called WTF with Marc Maron.

Mark Maron’s been a comedian for over 20 years; he came up with folks like Luis CK and Janeane Garofalo in the 80s/90s. He’s been an upper, downer, outter, and recoverer, and he brings a thorough understanding of what it’s like to be f’ked up and “in process”to his interviews and monologues.

What I love about this podcast is that you really get to know Marc over time. He exudes sincerity, heart, and the proper amount of cynicism and you get the feeling that he’s really trying to figure his life out, process his family of origins stuff, decode his f*ckd-upness, and change for the better. (more…)

WTF Marc Maron!? Do It!

I’ve been basically “following” Marc Maron for several months now. He’s got a podcast called WTF which is great. He’s “ironically self aware.” He’s basically classically trained in therapy lingo through his experiences in rehab, and he’s been in comedy for a while… and both those things combine to make some great insights. (more…)